What goes up must come down, except in the case of energy bills!

As outdoor temperatures continue to dip, the dials on our thermostats continue to turn upwards.

As our energy consumption rises, so does the burden of our energy expenses, particularly with current prices lingering significantly higher than the averages observed in 2020 and 2021. As Ireland braces for its customary winter chill, the ongoing surge in energy costs is poised to deepen the impact on our already stretched budgets, leaving us with more substantial holes in our pockets.

Amidst the global Cost of Living Crisis, Ireland has experienced fluctuating inflation rates, particularly in food and energy, peaking at almost 10%. However, there’s a recent shift – inflation is now at a more moderate 3.6%, though food inflation remains high at 7%.

Since early 2022, energy-driven inflation has caused uncertainty and endless challenges for national economic and business growth across the island of Ireland. Now, with temperatures about to plummet to minus figures, residential and business users alike are facing into yet another costly winter period.

As energy providers continue to prevaricate about further reducing costs, many Irish businesses are left facing into yet another winter where unsustainable charges continue to impact profit margins and impede growth.

Now, despite the deluge of cost-saving tips and hacks flooding social platforms, businesses are in need of more than just quick fixes.

Enter the hero of our story—the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard. This champion has been adopted by over 27,000 businesses, swooping in to save the day with benefits that read like a page-turning novel.

How many businesses have implemented an ISO 50001 Energy Management System?

ISO 50001 has been adopted by over 27,000 industrial, commercial, and public sector energy users, all of which have gone on to reap the multiple benefits afforded by the implementation of a best-practice EnMS.

An Energy Management System will help organisations to monitor, assess and effectively manage energy usage, resource performance and costs. Combined with latest technologies such as Smart Meters, EnMS’ provide an invaluable framework with which organisations can streamline operational processes and dramatically improve energy consumption.

What can an ISO 50001 EnMS offer my business?

Picture this:

  • A centralized, easily accessible, and transparent data world where key information flows seamlessly, giving management a clear overview of KPIs.
  • Enhanced energy bill management steps into the limelight, allowing businesses to track costs across seasons and locations.
  • Operations and performance take center stage, with ongoing maintenance and increased efficiencies stealing the show through consolidated processes and best-practice performance management.

Data leveraged by an ISO 50001 EnMS includes: utility bills, metering infrastructure data, geo-location data, premises-specific data (specific areas within plant/facility/buildings), resources such as equipment/plant, tools, vehicles etc.) and more.

As is the case with all ISO-based management systems, an ISO 50001 EnMs must be compliant with the requirements of the system standard. To this end, CG Business Consulting offers its clients a services package tailored to both meet their needs and suit their budget.

Energy Management

How can ISO 50001 consulting help my business?

CG Business Consulting’s team of Sustainability Consultants will partner with your team to help your organisation minimise overall energy usage.

Retaining the services of a dedicated ISO 50001 Energy Consultant can bring multiple benefits to your business not least of which are:

  • Working with you to ensure your organisation can meet ISO 50001 requirements, quickly and seamlessly, and in so doing, ensure you also achieve legal and regulatory compliance;
  • Providing your organisation with the opportunity to systematically plan, control and monitor operational activities and processes that might impact – positively and negatively – on energy usage;
  • Ensuring you incorporate energy efficiency into the future business and operations strategies including the planning of all new capital investments.

Furthermore, an experienced ISO 50001 consultant can also carry out an extensive Energy Audit to ascertain relevant energy consumption data – who, where, when, how – and what changes or remediation will be required to drive performance optimisation.

What are the Benefits of an Energy Audit?

Many benefits arise as a result of carrying out a professional Energy Audit. Crossing time, money and energy consumption itself, they are situation and business dependent, but typically deliver quantifiable results in the way of cost-reduction through improved performance of resources which in turn drives down energy consumption.

Once an Energy Audit has been completed and the recommended actions rolled-out, most organisations will achieve tangible outcomes across many aspects of their business.

Are there any subsidies or grants for Energy Audits?

Yes, the SEAI offers funding towards the cost of Energy Audits – for more information, read our blog on SEAI Support Schemes for Energy Audits.

ISO Consultants

CG Business Consulting clients that have implemented ISO 50001 EnMS have seen many benefits this industry-leading framework has to offer including:

If your energy bills are a concern and you are looking at ways of reducing costs and consumption, why not book in for an initial consultation or an Energy Audit to get some positive changes underway. Our consultants would be happy to talk to you – just call us on 01 620 4121.

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