The question we get asked more than any other is, “Why an ISO Consultant? What can a consultant possibly do that we can’t do ourselves?”
Well, here goes!
Like the celebrity chef sharing recipes developed based on years of culinary R&D, ISO Consultants offer up a sharing plate of knowledge from which you can choose according to your chosen standard(s). From Lean to ESG, Occupational Hazards to Circular Growth, an experienced, well-informed and trend-savvy consultant will have a broad data bank of ISO and ISO-related knowledge into which they can tap on demand.
Just as the chef has trialled a myriad of ingredients to deliver the perfect recipe for the preferred fish, meat or vegetable, so too has the ISO Consultant mined the cavernous clauses and requirements of key ISO Standards so that their clients don’t have to.
In a nutshell, the consultant has read, consumed, digested and filed away under ISO XXXXX more granular detail than you’ll ever need or care to know. ISO Standards are seriously detailed documents with multiple commercial jargon-heavy clauses which can bog down even the most diligent and enthusiastic of researchers.
Unless you or your team have a lot of free time on your hands to devote to an ISO deep-dive, our advice would be – let your fingers do the walking, to the phone and give CG Business Consulting a call where one of our ISO Services Team will be more than happy to talk you through the whats, whys and hows of ISO Certification, implementation and consultancy.
An engaged consultant will quickly and efficiently knowledge share with you and your team, allowing you to get a solid understanding and working knowledge of the fundamentals of ISO Standards.
If your line is in Construction, Engineering, IT, FinTech or maybe Horticulture, you’ll most likely have one or more project managers on the delivery team. Project Management does what it says on the tin – manage projects. Timelines, milestones, budgets, roles and assignments, building and understanding the brief, negotiating and reporting back to the client – all of these project elements are handled or supervised by the PM.
Likewise, with ISO Consultancy. Your dedicated ISO Consultant will lead the project from start to close, supporting you, and ensuring your project is delivered within the agreed timeframe. Unlike your employees, the consultant will be fully focused on the job at hand. They won’t be distracted by other internal assignments, meetings or bau tasks that need to be attended to. Your project requirements are their sole priority, and working to a pre-agreed set of checkpoints and SLAs, they will fulfil the brief without distraction and on-point, allowing you and your team to continue doing what they do best.
As an external contractor, the ISO Consultant will bring a non-partisan approach to shaping, guiding, steering and closing out the ISO project. Unbeholden to the “but this is how we do things” mentality, their approach is unblinkered, allowing them to bring a fresh pair of eyes and an unbiased viewpoint to the mix.
Independent of ‘party politics’, the consultant will be able to help you put together a ‘best-person for the job’ team, steering them towards adopting ISO best practices and ensuring they are to a person, fully au fait with requirements 101 to ensure full compliance and optimal performance.
The first thing an experienced ISO Consultant will do is to get a clear and unambiguous understanding of your current operational situation/landscape, your shortcomings, potential risks, needs and requirements. In other words, they’ll form a clear understanding of the A-Z of your processes – present and prospective.
No organisation has the same topology, strategy, talent pool, customer base and future plans as another, so it stands to reason that your consultant will develop a tailored solution that addresses, reflects and builds on your individual circumstances, needs and plans for the future.
Having worked with multiple clients across various sectors and industries, your ISO Consultant will be more than tuned into the particular problems, risks and opportunities that can arise, how they should be addressed and when and how they can be exploited to your advantage. They will work with you to develop a bespoke solution, customised to fit, and best serve your individual business needs and plans.
Your dedicated ISO Consultant will walk the ISO project with you, step by step, until completion. Along the way, you might encounter a few problems or unexpected pitfalls. They’ll be there to bring a quick and effective resolution to any issues that might arise along the way.
A problem shared is a problem halved, and who better to discuss operational or procedural issues with than an expert that has already carried out ISO problem resolution elsewhere in your industry.  Being aware of the potential bumps in the road, they’ll alert you to the ‘known unknowns’ at the project planning stage, thereby saving you time and effort from the outset.
However, in the unlikely event of your coming across an operational pothole en route to certification, the consultant has the means and ability to smooth the road, quickly and seamlessly, ensuring your journey to ISO adoption is as painless as possible.
If you are considering becoming certified to an ISO standard or simply interested in finding out a little more background information on ISO and ISO services, why not give us a call?
We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have in relation to ISO Standards, Certification or Implementation, or to take you through the wide range of services CG Business Consulting currently has on offer.