The benefits of ISO 27001 to your company are far greater than you think!

Implementing an Information Security Management System or ISMS will provide your business with a tried and tested robust system that will help to eradicate, or at the very least minimise the risk of security breaches with the potential for financial or legal fallout.

As many CG Business Consulting clients can attest, an effective ISO 27001 ISMS  can provide a powerful management framework of policies and procedures to keep confidential and competitive information secure, format notwithstanding.

In light of recent IS/GDPR-related cases, we now know the detrimental impact data breaches, leaks or hacks can have on an organisation, especially when that information is leaked into the public domain. By establishing a documented system of controls and management, risks, and indeed opportunities, can be quickly and easily identified and acted upon.

Achieving ISO 27001 Certification clearly demonstrates that:

  • Necessary measures have been taken to protect information from breaches/leaks/hacks
  • Risks have been identified and necessary actions are taken to mitigate against and/or eradicate them
  • Data is accurate and can be edited only by authorised personnel
  • The business has been assessed, audited, and certified by an accredited third party

ISO 27001 certification publicly demonstrates your business is committed to continuous improvement of information security by way of identifying risks, assessing implications, and putting systems and controls in place to monitor and manage the strength of that security.

The Benefits of Certifying to ISO 27001 Include:

  • Improved client, employee, business partner & vendor confidence
  • Increased reliability and security of systems & information
  • Enhanced business resilience
  • Compliance with national, international regulations and legislation
  • Increased ability to bid for public tenders (especially OGP)
  • Alignment with client requirements
  • Robust, streamlined management processes and integration with corporate risk strategies

While achieving ISO 27001 does not fully guarantee against data breaches and cyber attacks, it does however help companies optimise mitigation and minimise disruption.

Essential Steps to Certification and Beyond:

Below are some of the process stages your business will need to go through to achieve ISO 27001:

  • Leadership engagement especially senior management in IT and Business Operations
  • Employee buy-in and awareness training
  • Risk Assessment
  • Implementing an organisation-wide Information Security Management System
  • Developing, maintaining, and continuously improving a process to manage security policy
  • Monitoring all System and User Activity (access // user restrictions)
  • Maintenance and continuous improvement of IT systems (with the latest in security technology)
  • System access control.

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