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ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard is designed to enable businesses to understand and manage their environmental obligations by adopting a more systemic approach to achieving continuous improvement in ‘Green Performance’.

Implementing the Environmental Management Standard can help a company contribute to a more sustainable world by protecting the environment.

Preventing pollution and negative environmental impacts, reducing the potential effects of environmental circumstances on the organisation, ensuring legal compliance and adopting a life cycle perspective while delivering financial and operational benefits.

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ISO 14001 maps out the framework for organisations of any size and type to set up an effective Environmental Management System. Ultimately reducing pollution and protecting the environment is a business goal.

The continuing focus on Climate Change and the current drive towards a Carbon Neutral future have combined to propel ISO 14001 into the business spotlight.  As one of the world’s most widely recognised management systems, the Environmental Management System standard has rapidly been gaining significance as governments, from central to local level, strive to meet commitments to place ceilings on carbon emissions in sectors within their economies. 

ISO 14001 will provide your organisation with the framework necessary to meet these emerging obligations, ensuring regulatory and legal compliance at both national and international levels. The achieve environmental excellence, its rigorous requirements will result in a myriad of benefits including tighter budgetary controls and increased productivity. 

ISO 14001 is the touchstone of all environmental performance. By setting out the criteria for the EMS, ISO 14001 defines the requirements companies must comply with in order to streamline and optimise environment management and performance.


What our clients say…

Environmental performance is growing in importance, and the challenges it poses to businesses are getting more complex and frequent.

Working with CGBC allowed us to navigate these challenges and ensure that we built a robust Integrated Management System combining ISO 50001 and ISO 140001. The IMS helps us to conform to best practices and allows us the best chance of reaching the ambitious climate targets that we have set ourselves.

This training ensured people from across the company got involved and knew what was required from them and their teams from the beginning.

O’Brien Fine Foods

Why is ISO 14001 important?  

ISO 14001 is a world-leading Environmental Management System (EMS) Standard and aims to help organisations establish to achieve carbon neutrality.
ISO 14001 help business achieve the following:
  • Optimal environmental performance through increased resource efficiencies.
  • Tighter waste management results in reduced waste emissions and related disposal costs.
  • Reduced air and carbon emissions, including Greenhouse Gases (GHG).
  • Compliance with national, EU and international regulations and tendering eligibility criteria.
  • Continual improvement of environmental performance.

By building a process-based framework to ensure consistent energy performance organisations can mitigate against the risk of rising energy costs whilst simultaneously achieving regulatory compliance by reducing energy waste and carbon footprint.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – “Greenify” your environmental waste management processes by implementing an ISO 14001 EnMS and help safeguard the environment for future generations.

ISO standards Support UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

While the SDGs are addressed to countries and governments, all types of organisations, regardless of their size, can play a significant role in supporting the achievement of SDGs by implementing ISO standards.

Standards such as:


These ISO Standards improve operational practices and strengthen their bottom line.

Implementing ISO 14001 provides multiple business benefits whilst also contributing to the global UN Sustainable Development Goals initiative.

In fact, ISO 14001 supports 12 out of the 17 SDGs

Benefits of being ISO 14001 certified

An ISO 14001 Environmental Management System sets the standard against which environmental performance is measured. Environmental performance considers such processes as recycling and reducing emissions, pollution, waste, and resource utilisation.

The benefits of adopting ISO 14001 protocols are threefold:


Environmental - By requiring organisations to consider aspects of their business that have a direct impact on the environment and making the necessary strategic changes to reduce that impact.


Financial - By optimising water and waste management, improving usage or resources (water, fuels, energy ....)., organisation will see significant cost reductions and a better EBIDTA.


Operational - By introducing tighter risk, product and waste management processes, organisations will achieve greater performance outputs and higher productivity thereby yielding greater efficiencies.

ISO 14001 can be adopted by all businesses regardless of size or sector. Let’s join forces through ISO standards to achieve sustainability management for your business.

ISO 9001 Consulting Services

CGBC can help you achieve ISO 14001 certification

CG Business Consulting has developed a tried and tested ‘Steps to ISO Success’ Programme for each ISO standard. Our proven five step ISO 14001 certification programme will take you seamlessly from pre-initiation Gap Analysis to closure and ISO Certification.

Our ISO experienced consultants will partner with your team to implement a robust EMS to suit your needs, leveraging existing processes and enhancing them or establishing new ones to help streamline operations and support continuous improvement.

We work closely with your team to ensure a smooth and easy path to certification.

Your ISO 14001 Certification Journey

Your dedicated CGBC ISO 14001 consultant will guide you through the strategic journey to ISO 14001 certification. Starting with a deep dive Gap Analysis, our highly skilled consultant will ensure your journey to ISO Certification is as smart and smooth as possible. 

Let our expertise in ISO 14001 be your guide.  

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ISO 14001 Environmental MS for O'Brien Fine Foods

O’Brien Fine Foods, a family-run premium cooked meats business with manufacturing sites in both Ireland and the UK, wanted to be one step ahead of ever-growing environmental challenges businesses are faced with.

CGBC helped them develop, implement, and be certified at their Timahoe Site whilst also building a robust Integrated Management System that aligns with best practices, increasing their chances of reaching the ambitious climate targets that they set.

We included people from across the company got involved and knew what was required from them and their teams from the beginning.

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ISO Standards

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