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ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management

ISO 45001 is a health and safety structure designed to protect employees, create and manage a controlled, safe work environment and mitigate workplace risk. Using the rigorous ISO management system approach, ISO 45001 helps organisations to adopt a clear, process-based strategy for risk management.

Workplace health and safety have never been more critical to employers and employees. In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, safeguarding personnel has become of paramount concern. A robust Occupational Health & Safety management system (OH&SMS) that underpins health, safety, and welfare policies will ensure your organisation affords its people the best possible protection as they return to the workplace.

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Scalable and interoperable with other management systems such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the ISO 45001 OH&SMS can be easily integrated with its safety elements and activities seamlessly incorporated into existing infrastructures.

ISO 45001 sets the highest bar for occupational health and safety policies, practice and performance, acting as a driver for organisations to strive for optimal health and safety management at a time when demonstrating a commitment to safe, sanitary, and sustainable workplaces have never been more imperative.

What is the significance of getting certified for ISO 45001?

Ensuring your organisation is ISO 45001 certified will not only mitigate against risks to the business, but will also help safeguard your employees by minimising the risk of workplace injuries and illness. Implementing an ISO 45001 OH&SMS will also help you to achieve legal and regulatory compliance, both at the national and international level, a must in this new age of Brexit-driven change.

Getting certified for ISO 45001 will help guarantee the future of your organisation as a growing business especially now that we’ve seen how quickly situations can evolve from calm to crisis.

Risks can manifest themselves in many ways. In an ever-changing environment filled with both known and unknown risks, taking the steps now to future-proof the health and safety of your workforce not only gives them the reassurance they need, but it also sends a signal to your clients, partners, and community that you are committed to health and safety best practices.

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What are the benefits of being ISO 45001 Certified?

An ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System is a process-driven structure on which organisations can build a series of tight and effective controls to help mitigate workplace risk by promoting a culture of safety awareness and optimal incident and risk management.


Improved communications from the top down, issuing clear OH&S company policies to help increase employee awareness of and engagement in OH&S practices


Improved managerial oversight - ISO Standards mandate that ownership and responsibility lies with leadership and their involvement typically results in a greater focus.


Reduced costs including legal, medical and insurance premiums


Reduced downtime and sick leave


Increased occupational focus, leading to improved employee morale and as a result quality productivity

ISO 9001 Consulting Services

CGBC’s support and expertise were invaluable throughout this process. Their approach was practical and customised to our requirements, allowing for an integrated approach with our existing QE Management System.

How we can help you achieve ISO 45001 certification

CG Business Consulting has an unblemished record when it comes to ISO Certification. With an unparalleled 100% success rate, underpinned by a high level of commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism, we can guarantee your certification success.

By having your tailored Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OH&SMS) certified by an approved certification body your organisation is able to provide independent verification of its commitment to pro-active health and safety management and the welfare of its workforce.

Furthermore, being ISO certified is now a mandatory requirement for the majority of public and private tenders.

CG Business Consulting has developed a tried and tested ‘Steps to ISO Success’ Programme for each ISO standard. Our proven ISO 45001 certification programme will take you seamlessly from pre-initiation Gap Analysis to closure and ISO Certification.

Our experienced consultants will partner with your team to implement a robust OH&SMS to suit your needs, leveraging existing processes and enhancing them or establishing new ones to help streamline operations and support continuous improvement.

We will work closely with your team to ensure a smooth and easy path to certification.

Your ISO 45001 Certification Journey

Your dedicated CGBC ISO 45001 consultant will guide you through the strategic journey to ISO 45001 certification. Starting with a deep dive Gap Analysis, our highly skilled consultant will ensure your journey to ISO Certification is as smart and smooth as possible. 

Let our expertise in ISO 45001 be your guide.  

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Crosserlough Construction achieved OH&SMS

Crosserlough Construction, a progressive general fit-out and maintenance contractor across multiple niches, contacted CGBC to implement ISO 45001 and enhance workplace safety and reduce workplace hazards.

We established and monitored a quality system for compliance with relevant OH&S regulations and ISO 45001 requirements, which involved regular inspections, audits and reviews of safety procedures and practices

By taking these actions, Crosserlough Construction effectively addressed the challenged of implementing ISO 45001 and created a safer work environment for all employees involved in construction projects.

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ISO Standards

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