Implementing Microsoft SharePoint Collaborative

ISO System Management

At CGBC, we’re revolutionising the way businesses handle their ISO management systems. Moving away from the mess of Excel and
Word files, we’re introducing a smarter way to work using Microsoft

This means all your important ISO documents and processes are in one place where everyone can collaborate. Our team at CGBC makes this switch simple and smooth, bringing your business into the digital age with less clutter and more efficiency. It’s all about making things easier and better for your team.

With our help, you’ll enjoy an easy-to-use system which can have official document approvals processes, tracking of your work, and a clear view of everything in real time – no more lost files or outdated information.

This change isn’t just about using new software; it’s about making your business run smoother and smarter.

Let CGBC show you how easy managing your ISO system can be, leaving behind the old ways for a more organized and reliable future.

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Understanding the Eco-System

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 365 Subscription

Most businesses are running Microsoft Office 365 simply for Word and Excel. Businesses who have subscribed to Business Standard Packages or above will have access to SharePoint and Teams. We do advise that a premium business subscription is the best way integrate and optimise but it is not essential.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint will act as the central hub for storing and managing information in a fully traceable and auditable environment. Intuitive landing screens, data entry forms and analytical dashboards can all be incorporated.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Collaborate, Chat and Meet with your team to discuss Business Objectives, action plans and implementations.

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms

Forms can be used in a variety of ways to collect and store information, ensuring security of stored records.

Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists

A Digital replacement for registers which removes manual paperwork and provides a guide for entering information.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI

Visualise your journey and your KPIs with Power BI Interactive dashboards which summarise and update in Real-time.

CGBC are industry leaders in ISO Management & Implementation


SharePoint’s centralized system aids in simplifying ISO adherence and by taking advantage of its collaborative environment enhances transparency and facilitates stakeholder alignment with organisational goals.

Advanced analytics offer insights for continuous improvement in sustainability practices. CGBC’s expertise in this transition ensures seamless integration of SharePoint into existing processes, reinforcing compliance and future-readiness for evolving CSRD/ESG standards. This synergy of technology and expert guidance positions organizations for sustainable success.

The Elements of an Audit-Ready Digital ISO Management System Include:


CGBC Harness the Microsoft SharePoint Environment For Effortless ISO Management

CGBC ISO Management Software offers a comprehensive, robust way to manage your ISO documentation. Request a FREE Quotation below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.