As more and more organisations seek to streamline operations, they are looking to integrate management systems as the one-stop standards shop that will cater for all their performance needs.

With markets coming under growing pressure from rising inflation and the impacts of an ever-worsening international cost of living crisis, management systems are increasing in global popularity as organisations consider how they can maximise the ROI with the least amount of effort. The answer is simple… integration!

What is an Integrated Management System (IMS)?

An integrated management system is an amalgam of two or more ISO Standards Management Systems. Essentially, they are designed to manage both the similar and disparate strands of each relevant standard, consolidating the various processes, requirements, and operational designs to form a singular framework against which business leaders can boost performance across the organisation.

The fact that IMSs are increasing in number across all sectors and industries, and not just in Ireland, says a lot about how they mirror the growing demand of Irish businesses for a singular means of managing often complex operational needs, processes, and environments.

Less faff, more favorable results.

ISO standard management systems seek to help companies to improve performance and production efficiencies across a myriad of business categories. Crossing the areas of environmental, energy, health and safety, cybersecurity and quality, these standards-based structures are process-driven, risk-focused vehicles for channeling operational excellence.

In their pursuit of optimal performance through continuous improvement and world-class risk management, many organisations are now looking to IMSs to yield those customer and market focused results their leadership teams, stakeholders and investors deem vital to secure their place and reputation in current, future, and emerging markets.

Effective and robust integrated systems help organisations respond quickly and confidently to ever-changing market and customer demands. Commerce has become a shape-shifting entity and consumer demands pivot as quickly as they come about, so if an organisation it to maintain its relevance in a fluid business landscape it needs a highly versatile yet copper-bottomed operational foundation on which everyone from employee to channel partner can rely.

How will a Management System impact my business?

Best in class standards-based management systems can complement, enhance and optimise the multiple elements and operational business functions of an organisation. An integrated management system will further improve and optimise performance through its singular and streamlined process approach and mandate for continuous improvement.

Many modern Irish businesses are already benefitting from a single point of system management that ensure their systems, and related processes and policies, are in sync with business objectives, strategies, and targets. An integrated management system can help burgeoning businesses to mold their commercial model so that it can quickly adapt to rapidly changing circumstances such as volatile financial markets.

Recent events in the UK clearly demonstrated only too well how quickly those markets can perform a volte face in response to a change in government policy!

"My business is already under financial pressure. What benefits will spending money on integrating my management systems bring to my company?"

While there is a cost involved in integrating multiple management systems, the immediate and ongoing returns far outweigh the initial outlay.

Your business will reap multiple diverse benefits from singularising its systems and related processes, some of examples of which are:

Harmonises Best Business Practices

Consolidation of processes allows for adoption of industry-class methodologies. This type of operational ‘simplification’ can result in clarity and directness of approach and strategy ultimately leading to…

Improved Performance

Streaming processes eradicates opaqueness of how some functions work, empowering employees, giving them a clearer understanding of how and why they are to undertake certain duties. Out with obfuscation, in with…

Optimal Utilisation of Resources

From equipment and IT infrastructure to personnel, space and the working environment, the single strand IMS means an organisation can better manage schedules, staff, and systems which in turn can produce…

Streamlined Management

Of Business Processes to increase operational compliance, efficiency, security, and success thereby resulting in…

Reduced Costs

Through improved performance, increased production, significantly streamlined op’s function and optimisation.

Service Excellence

A key requirement of ISO 9001 the Quality Management System Standard and jewel in the ISO crown of world-leading standards.

Which ISO Management System Standards can be integrated?

All ISO MSS that complement each other can be integrated, fully, quickly and seamlessly. CG Business Consulting advocate for the following matches:

ISO 9001 - Quality Management System

ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety System

Perfect for any organisations working within the rainbow of high-risk industries such as Agri and Construction, as well as everyday office environments where employee welfare and ergonomics rely on risk-aware policies and procedures.

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System

ISO 50001 - Energy Management System

Ideal across the entire Irish business landscape, especially eco-conscious industries such as Manufacturing and Pharma, where waste and water management are a priority alongside tight control of energy usage, a prime concern of most Irish businesses at a time of every-increasing energy costs.

ISO 9001 - Quality Management System

ISO 27001 - Information Security Management System

This pairing is a must for any organisations working within, delivering to or producing for the Tech and Public sectors. At a time when cybersecurity is fast becoming a top commercial priority, working to optimal quality assurance standards in tandem with rigorous IS requirements offers customers the confidence they need that your organisation takes their confidential data and changing needs seriously.

In addition...

In addition to the above pairings, CG Business Consulting’s dedicated subject matter experts will work with your organisation to customise a bespoke IMSS that best suits your objectives, operations, people, culture, customers, needs and expectations. We can mix and match ISO management systems to best suit your business needs, helping you to achieve growth, increased revenue and service excellence.

An effective Integrated Management System is a process-based engine room driving performance excellence across the organisation.

Can you afford not to have process superiority at the heart of your business?

For more information on Integrated Management System Standards, head to CG Business Consulting’s ISO services or leave an enquiry with our expert.